* Over-sized Windows count as 2 windows
(anything larger than a standard sliding glass door)

 ** $99.00 Minimum on all services

Standard Window Cleaning IN & OUT ($6.00/Window)

  • Professionally clean both sides of glass
  • Basic screen cleaning included
  • Wipe down sills and frames

Diamond Window Cleaning IN & OUT ($9.00/Window)

Includes Standard Cleaning Services Plus:

  • Detailed cleaning of window frames and window sills
  • Use a razor & steel wool to completely remove all paint, plaster, and other gunk
  • Cleaning of all window tracks, opening each window and vacuuming or wiping them clean

Exterior Only Window Cleaning ($3.00/Window)

  • Exterior of windows cleaned
  • Basic screen cleaning included
  • Wipe down sills and frames

 Sun Screen Restoration  ($5.00/Sun Screen)

  • Screen Cleaning“Deep Clean” Screens and screen frames
  • Apply a screen restoration chemical with a special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents.
  • Makes the screens a richer black/gray like they were when they were new.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, inert and non-reactive

Solar Panel Cleaning ($3.00/Panel)

  • Dirty solar panels can reduce your energy efficiency by up to 40%!
  • We professionally clean your solar panels using reverse osmosis & de-ionized water
  • Hard to access projects will need a custom quote.


Driveway Deep Clean w/ Rotory Cleaner ( $0.20/sqft )

*Average 2 car driveway is around 500 square feet = $100.00

  • Use a commercial surface cleaner we deep clean your driveway, opening up the pores in the concrete and getting up the baked on & ground-in dirt
  • Removes all of those stubborn tire marks / tracks
  • Use of industrial chemicals to remove oil, rust, and other stains to the best of our abilities

Driveway/Patio Deep Clean & Seal  ( $0.75/sqft )

*Average 2 car driveway is around 500 square feet = $375.00

We come out and perform the “Driveway Deep Clean” and after leaving your concrete to dry for 24 hours, we return to apply concrete sealer (your choice of “wet look” or “matte look”)

Brick Paver Re-Sand & Re-Seal ( $1.25/sqft )

  • Use a commercial hot water surface cleaner to clean all pavers to get rid of dirt, stains, and old sand.
  • After drying for 24 hours, finish driveway/patio by brushing in new klin dried sand
  • After sanding seal pavers with a wet or matte look to prevent dirt, oil, rust, and stains from penetrating your pavers adding to the life of your patio/driveway.